High-speed Slots

Reaching all players around the globe is not an easy task; that is why here, at Spinomenal we have developed the perfect solution. Now even the players in low-connection regions can finally enjoy higher variety of games. High-speed slots games load in an instance, as they are the lightest games in the market (less than 3MB per game). These games excel not only in loading time but they are also capable of 2 spins per seconds, for those who want to play fast.
High-speed slots provide the perfect solution as we do not compromise on quality, features or game-play in making them, and if all of that is not enough, they also work on mobile!

High Speed

Complete API

As a platform provider, you always want to increase your portfolio and provide new and innovative games to your players. One of the most challenging thing in getting new content is the complexity of managing different APIs and providers' requirement. Powered with Backend and promotion system, we have developed the easiest way to use API in the market. With proven 3-7 days from start to finish you will have the full power of the API with all of our games, in all platforms. We do the heavy lifting for you, all you need is to plug it in, and start generating money. Are you a game provider? Contact Spinomenal today and add your games to dozens of operators.

Complete API

Full Admin Control

The heart and soul of your operation is an efficient Backend system.
Our Full Admin Control system gives you all the tools you need to maximize your profits and manage your risks:

  • Fully customizable reports and analytics
  • Visualize every aspect of the API, every ticket, every request
  • View the most detailed game history in the market - from our experience a detailed and coherent report will shorten training time to your support staff.
  • Manage your risks, control your settings: Manage every aspect of your brand settings in an instance, change the stakes, per game lines and per currency to get the most accurate risk management system possible.
  • Full browsers and mobile support

Cross-Platform Games

Enjoy state of the art games with unique and innovative features. All Spinomenal's games works on all PC and Mobile browsers. With over 97 games currently and more than 100 games till the end of 2016, Spinomenal games can highly increase your portfolio and freshen your site.

Cross Platform

Social Casino

With over 2.5 Million players so far, Spinomenal's presence in the Social genre is undoubtable. Powered with unique Avatars system any player can enhance their game play like never before. The platform is packed with Bonus system, affiliation system, advanced analytics, reporting system and much more! Looking to run a social casino App? Do you want to add more games to your social app? Contact Spinomenal today and boost your social presence like never before.

Social Casino